TV service and receiver features

Pause live TV - your program waits for you.

You can pause live TV for up to 1 hour and press play to continue watching your program. You can also switch back to live at anytime.

Re-start program from beginning

Late for the start of your program or movie, no problem. You can restart it from the beginning and you do not miss a thing. Even if you are almost at the end program, you can restart from the beginning.

smartPVR - Record Your Favorite Shows

With the smartPVR , you can record any show, at any time, on any channel that you have subscribed for and watch it when you want.

This PVR function allows you to record a show while watching it, or record one program while watching another or set up a recording for some later time, even days later. You can also record the whole season of a show.

You can record up to 10 programs at the same time.

Smart PVR allows recordiung of up to 50 hours of programs and movies and then watch them at your leisure.

Multi-unit feature: The programs you record and stored on our system and can be viewed by any receiver in your home.

TV set top box turns your TV into an Internet-enabled TV.

The TV set top box not only lets your watch great live TV, but also has built in YouTube ® and Netflix ® apps to you can watch streaming videos directly on your TV. You can also install Spotify® app and listen to you favorite music right on your TV.

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