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 ZiDVox voicemail system



Quick reference for ZiD VOX voicemail system.


To access the voicemail system from your phone, dial 5001.


After you have entered your password followed by the pound key (#), the following are options available:


Press for new voice messages

Press for old voice messages

Press to send voice messages to other users

Press to set call forwarding option

Change Do Not Disturb (on/off)

Set call forward destination number

Turn call forwarding On/Off

To set forward to phone you are calling from.


Press to set current options

   - Press to change password

   - Press to record name


Press to change greetings

    -Press to record greetings

   - Press to review greetings

    -Press to select greetings

         -Enter the number for the greeting you wish to select to be played.


Press to recover deleted voice messages



You can also manage these settings and more from your web browser at


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