FAQ Number Portability

Q. Can I transfer my old phone number to ZiD VOX if I have DSL (high-speed internet service through my telephone company)?

A. If you have DSL service through your local phone company and want to transfer your number, you must call your DSL provider and request to have your telephone and internet service unbundled. Your DSL provider will then assign another number to your DSL connection and your existing phone number will become a stand alone line. This allows ZiD VOX to port your existing number to our service. It is important that you DO NOT cancel your existing phone line. For a number to be transferred to ZiD VOX it must be active with your current provider. Learn more about unbundling DSL. While your number is being ported to ZiD VOX, we will assign you a new ZiD VOX number and you can begin enjoying the benefits of ZiD VOX without delay. You can also choose one of Voice and DSL plans, and we can move both services over to us for you.

Q. What happens if my number cannot be transferred?

A. If ZiD VOX cannot transfer your number, you may choose to get a new ZiD VOX number in your area or elsewhere. Or, you may decide to keep your existing phone number with minimal service and add a ZiD VOX number that will help you save on outgoing calls.

Q. How long will it take to transfer my existing phone number to ZiD VOX?

A. Transferring your number will take a minimum of 10 business days once you start the transfer process. However, timing ultimately depends on how fast your former phone company can process ZiD VOX's request to port your number.

Q. What happens while my number is being transferred?

A. During the number transfer process, we provide you with a temporary number so that you can begin to use our service and all its free features immediately. Then, when your number is transferred, we will inform you via email and your number will be transferred seamlessly. And you can track the progress of your request anytime by logging into your web account so you'll always know what's happening.

Q. Can I transfer an existing cellular number to ZiD VOX service?

A. Yes. Wireless Number Portability is now available in Canada. You can transfer cell numbers as well as traditional phone numbers. Please use the "Is Your Current Number Transferable?" tool found above to check if you can transfer your cell number to ZiD VOX.

Q. Who do I contact if I have questions?

A. Contact ZiD VOX by calling 1-877-659-6505


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