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Windows Vista

  1. Click on the Start button and click on the Control Panel.

  2. In Network And Internet click on View Network Status And Tasks. (If you are in the Classic View click on Network And Sharing Center).

  3. Click on Set up a connection or network in the upper left hand side.

  4. Select Connect To The Internet and click Next.

  5. Click on Dial-up to create the Dial-up connection. (If Dial-up is not an option, a dial-up modem may not be installed or the drivers are not available).

  6. Enter the correct phone number, username and password as provided by ZiD. It is recommended to check the boxes for Remember Password and Allow other people to use this connection. The connection can be named something like "ZiD Dial-up". Click on Create.
    Username: zidXXXX
    Password: your password
    Dialup Number: numver given to you when signing up

    NOTE: The phone number will dial exactly as it appears in the Phone Number Field. The Dialing Rules are disabled by default. This can be changed through the properties of the connection later.

  7. The Dial-up connection has now been created. Let the connection connect if possible and proceed to Step 8. Only click Skip If you are using the phone or the phone cable is not connected to the computer or dial-up modem yet. Proceed to step 10 if you must click Skip.

  8. If the correct information was entered in step 6, the Internet connection should be established. Press Close.

  9. Choose Home or Work depending on how the dial-up connection is to be used. We recommend using the Home setting.

  10. A screen will appear indicating the Internet connection is now ready for use. Click Close.
  11. This should return you to the Network And Sharing Center. Click on Manage network connections to see the connection.

  12. There should now be a dial-up connection for “ZiD Dialup”.

    We are now going to create a shortcut for the connection on the Desktop. Right-click on the “ZiDDialup” icon and left-click on Create Shortcut.

  13. An error message should appear that says cannot create a shortcut here, place on the desktop instead. Click Yes.
  14. Click on the red X in the top right hand corner of the window to close the Network and Sharing center
  15. An icon should now appear on your desktop for the ZiD dialup connection. You can use this icon to connect to the Internet or disconnect from the Internet.

When browsing the web in future using Internet Explorer you should be prompted automatically to connect the dialup connection otherwise you can use your newly created shortcut.

Congratulations! You have now setup your dialup account for Windows Vista ™


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