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Windows 2000 Help
>Network Connection Wizard

Step 1: Right-click on Network Places and choose Properties.

Step 2: Double-click on Make New Connection and click on Next.

Step 3: Choose Dial-up to the Internet and click on Next.

Step 4: Choose I want to set up my Internet connection manually and click on Next.

Step 5: Choose I connect through a phone line and a modem and click on Next.

Step 6: Enter your local access number, as well as the area code ( 514-380-8646 is needed to reach Montreal from the 450 area code) and any codes needed (such as *70 to turn off call waiting or 9 to reach an outside line) in the Telephone number box and click on Next.

Step 7: Enter your username (kappaXXX) and password and click on Next.

Step 8: Enter Info-Internet as the connection name and click on Next.

Step 9: If you want to set up your mail account click on Yes and then Next, and follow the instructions for outlook express. Otherwise click on No, followed by Next and Finish.

Congratulations, you have successfully set up the dial properties!

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