Why pay more and get less for your money? ZiD VOX provides you with the latest technology and features available anywhere. s

Take a look to all the features included with your ZiD VOX plan.

Caller ID
Shows the number and name of the caller. Know who's calling, before you pick up the phone!
   Advanced Voicemail
   with email notification
Access your voicemail box from anywhere. Receive and play back your messages by email.
Call Waiting
Don't miss an incoming call - even if you're already on the phone!
Visual Call Waiting
See who is calling you while you are on the phone.
Advanced Call Forwarding
With the click of your mouse you can determine how you want your Advanced Call Forwarding configured. Choose between permanent call forward, forward when busy, and forward on no answer.
3 way calling
You can connect with two other parties at the same time. The three of you can talk at once.
Click to Call
You select a phone number from your phone directory on the ZiD VOX porter and we dial it instantly.
Manage & Record Greetings
Customize your voicemail online or by phone.
Find-Me/Follow-Me /Simultaneous ring
Never miss an important call. Have you calls ring on other phones, like your cell phone.
Call return (*69)
Use *69 to return your last call
Store 100's of entries in your personal phonebook online. Then you can access them from anywhere on the web and even click to call.
Personal Call
List of all your incoming, outgoing and missed calls.
Keep Your
Phone Number
Move your existing telephone number or cell number to ZiD VOX
Use Touch-tone phones at no extra cost.
911 Emergency
Dial 9-1-1 to reach emergency services (fire, police, ambulance) offered in your municipality.
411 Directory
Find personal or business phone numbers across Canada and the world.
Free Call to other
ZiD VOX clients
Our Intercom feature lets you make free calls to any other ZiD VOX user where ever they are. No long distance or local call minutes are charged. Plus you only have to dial 5 digits instead of the full 10 or 11 digit number.
On-Line Voicemail
Check your voicemail from any web browser anywhere in the world.
1-900 call blocking
All 1-900 calls are blocked by default on your account.
Do Not Disturb
The online portal let sets Do Not Disturb on your line and sends all your calls directly to voicemail.
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