Voice Unlimited
and 6MB DSL

Unlimited calls
anywhere in Canada/USA*


1 Month Free!
Over 15 call features included:

Caller ID

Advanced Voice mail
Call waiting
Block call display (*67)
Visual call waiting Call return (*69)
Advanced Call
Personal Call History
Voicemail with email notifications 3-way calling
Find-Me/Follow Me
/Simultaneous ring
Click to Call
Do Not Disturb    
High Speed Internet - 6MB DSL

Unlimited data transfer

- Dry loop circuit1
8 email accounts
- All equipment is included
- 5 mb of personal web space    

Area codes available
across Canada

- Canada/US long distance only 3¢ per minute
6 second billing on
all long distance calls,
instead of per minute
- Free Calls to other
ZiD VOX users
- Western Europe starting at 4¢ per minute - All equipment is included


Traditional Touch-tone phone set
Address must be classified as commercial.


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ZiD Internet - Internet Service Provider and Webhosting provider