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 COVID-19 notice

We are in the midst of a situation that touches us all on a very personal level. Our heartfelt concern goes out to all in our community who have been impacted by COVID-19.


Contingency plans and processes are in place with a focus on ensuring the safety of our employees and the continuity of service to our customers. We are working remotely as where ever possible. We are following best practices recommended by local and international public-health authorities throughout and are monitoring and adjusting to the evolving situation.


As families stay home or people will work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, ZiD Internet is suspending overage charges on all residential and business Internet plans for its existing customers.


Most of our clients have unlimited plans, but for those who are on capped plans, there will be no overage charges for the month of March 2020.


This change will apply automatically on the next billing cycle and you do not have to contact us to get this activated.



For any service technician dispatch for new orders or repairs, we will be verifying COVID-19 status of clients by asking questions such as if any one at the location is showing symptoms of the virus, fever, cough, difficulty breathing, and pneumonia.


If anyone at the location had contact with anyone showing COVID-19 symptoms or have returned from international travel in the past 14 days.


Has anyone at the location been placed under quarantine or asked by a medical professional to isolate yourself.


It is possible that depending on the answers to the above questions or with certain vendors or in certain areas, that technicians may not be able to enter a client’s home.

They will try to complete any new installation or repair from outside the client’s home or office. Any intervention that requires entry to the client’s location may have to be rescheduled until it is safe for both the clients and technical staff to do so.


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