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Our high speed Ontario cable Internet service is available from Toronto , GTA and Ottawa to now offer availability throughout Ontario. Our plans provide great value with more bandwidth than our larger competitors and now with speeds to 250 Mbs. All plans are free of any long-term commitments and offer fast and stable connections that do not involve phone lines.

We also offer Phone and Internet bundles that save you money and provide more fearures than traditional phone service. click here for more info.

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    Selection by region displays cable Internet plans available at regional level. For a precise indication of high speed plans available at your location, street address verification will be done for all orders. You can contract our sales team at to get a detailed qualification for high speed Internet plans available to you.

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All cable Internet packages include:

- No contacts
- No hidden fees
- 8 email accounts with webmail access
- All plans include cable modem rental.
- Anti-virus and SPAM filtering on all emails.


Prices subject to change without notice. Prices do not include applicable taxes.


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